Haas unveils finishing sub-spindle for turning centres

The Haas A2-5 finishing sub-spindle, for ST-10 through ST-25 turning centers – including Y-axis models – is designed to not only make users more productive, but provide new options for finishing the 2nd-op side of parts.

Equipped with a 135 mm hydraulic chuck, the A2-5 spindle will fully synchronise with the main spindle to provide effortless in-cycle part hand-off. This capability allows users to finish-off the other half of parts in a single set up – simply load up the raw workpiece, and the next time the door is opened, a finished part will be present. A built-in part ejector propels the finished component into the optional catcher for automated operation.

The A2-5 sub-spindle offer 6,000 rpm speed supported by a powerful servomotor drive that provides generous torque throughout the rpm range.

Sub-Spindle programming is made simple by the Haas control. Forget about having to program the Z axis in the positive direction. Simply program the sub-spindle operations the same as for the main spindle, insert G14 (secondary spindle swap) at the sub-spindle tool call in the program, and the control does the rest – from turning on the spindle in the correct direction, through opening and closing the chuck, to turning on the coolant, and more.

The sub-spindle is also capable of phasing (orientation), so operators can grip parts with odd shapes.

A dedicated active G-code display on the control lets users know the status of both spindles at all times.