Automated parts loader for Haas turning centres

The newly developed Haas Automatic Parts Loader (APL) is said to be a simple and affordable way to automate part production and boost productivity on the company’s turning centres. Connecting directly to the Haas control, APL is designed and built exclusively for use on Haas ST-10, ST-15, ST-20 and ST-25 turning centres, including Y-axis models.

APL features a simple set-up interface that makes it quick and easy to realise automated loading and unloading. Answering simple questions, the operator enters basic information by either positioning the part grippers and pushing a single button, or entering basic numeric dimensions. All values are calculated automatically by the control.

The APL can accommodate parts up to 147 mm diameter by 127 mm long, weighing up to 4.5 kg. A light curtain is included for safe operation.

Part management on the APL table is achieved using one of three included templates. Various part shapes – such as round, hex and square – can be loaded, and grippers can be adjusted or modified to best fit the specific parts.

The APL operates in the background during normal lathe operations, returning parts to the storage table and retrieving new raw workpieces while components are being machined. Near-continuous, unattended machining is the result. The double-sided rotating gripper saves time by taking a part from the spindle and replacing it with a different piece without having to return to the storage table.