Dugard presents new Mylas range of multi-axis turning centres

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Following the announcement that the Mylas range of multi-axis turning centres will now be available in the UK from Dugard Machine Tools, the latest machines available from this high-end brand is the DY Series of twin-spindle double Y-axis multi-tasking turning centres.

Rapidly following the successful UK launch of the Mylas DT Series of twin-spindle twin turret turn/mill centres, the double Y-axis configuration of the DY range presents manufacturers with more flexibility than ever before.

As a leading UK machine tool supplier, Hove-based Dugard said it is "delighted" to present the Mylas range of high-quality technologically advanced machines to the UK.

With the DT Series already winning plaudits among the UK’s turned parts manufacturers, the arrival of the DY Series with two Y-axes will present new opportunities to end users in the aerospace, automotive, medical, hydraulics, electronics and general subcontract manufacturing arenas.

Like the DT Series, the DY Series is available in three variants, the DY42, DY52 and DY60. Each designation specifies the maximum capacity for the main spindle bar turning.

From a specification perspective, axis travel is 175mm on X1/X2 axes with 240mm on the sub-spindle whilst Z1/Z2 travel is 450 and 500mm respectively with +/-35mm in the Y-axis. The DY42, DY52 and DY65 have a swing over the saddle of 260mm with a maximum bar turning length of 135 and 150mm on the main spindle with 60mm on the sub-spindle that provides a maximum turning length of 350mm.

Like all Mylas machine tools, the DY Series has a class-leading robust construction with oversized precision ground boxways on all axes that deliver dynamic rigidity and precision with heavy-duty cutting capability. This is underpinned by the stress-relieved Meehanite casting that maximises vibration dampening that supports the heavy-duty precision spindle design that provides exceptional thermal stability and power.

Looking at the kinematics of this fantastic new addition to the Dugard portfolio, front machining is supported by a 7.5/11kW spindle motor with a BMT 45 12-station tool turret that can accommodate up to 24 tool positions. The sub-spindle machining is provided via a 14-tool gang slide.

This incorporates 3 cross live tool positions and 3 live facing tool positions plus 3 OD and 5 ID tooling stations. With the second Y-axis for back machining being supported by a 14-tool slide, the DY Series presents 38 tool capacity with the facility for superimposed cutting of complex workpieces that can be machined with remarkably fast cycle times. With the slides on precision linear guides, customers are guaranteed the most precise, repeatable and high-performance results on the market.   

As standard, the exciting new Mylas DY Series is supplied with a 12-station main and 14-position gang tooling system, collet chuck, workpiece ejector, auto-lubrication and coolant system, FANUC CNC control, sub-spindle internal coolant and air-blow, auto power-off, part catcher and much more.

From an optional perspective, customers can configure the Mylas DY Series with options that include a selection of CNC control systems, 6” and 5” power chucks for main and sub-spindles, high-pressure coolant of 50 or 100, chip conveyors, oil mist collector, transformer, regulator and live and static toolholders.

With an extensive list of options, incredible flexibility and rigidity combined with a brand reputation that is the envy of the multi-tasking turning fraternity, the Mylas DY Series is a cost-effective high-performance alternative to take a closer look at.