Mills CNC to demonstrate Doosan turning prowess at MACH 2014

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Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland, is exhibiting 23 Doosan machine tools at MACH 2014 (Hall 5 Stand 5430), with the company having taken its largest ever MACH exhibition stand and which, at 806m², is the biggest stand at this year's show.

The company will be showcasing a cross-section of its Doosan lathes and multi-axis turning centres from its stand (14 in total) – many of which are new machines making their UK and/or MACH debuts. Says Nick Frampton, Mills CNC's managing director: "Our Lynx and Puma lathes and turning centres are widely respected in the market, and are highly regarded by precision component manufacturers everywhere. The new models we're launching and exhibiting at MACH will only strengthen their reputations." Mills' stand will feature three Lynx lathes; four Puma lathes (chuck size 8"/10"/12"); two large-capacity Puma lathes; two sliding-head lathes; two multi-axis turning centres; and one vertical turning lathe. Lynx lathes Lynx 220 LSYA - New at MACH The new Lynx sub-spindle lathe, with an integrated Y-axis (+/- 52.5mm), is aimed at manufacturers looking for a small, reliable and high-productivity lathe capable of machining complex parts in one set up. The 6" chuck/51 mm bar diameter machine is equipped a 15 kW 6,000 rpm main spindle; a 5.5 kW 6,000 rpm sub-spindle, a 12- station turret (24-position indexing capability), full C-axis capability on both its main and sub-spindle and driven tools (3 .7 kW 6,000-rpm) and, as such, provides manufacturers with additional mill, drill and tapping capability. The machine is equipped as standard with an automatic tool setter, parts catcher, pneumatic parts ejector with coolant feed (on the sub-spindle), and parts conveyor. Lynx 300M The Lynx 300 series is the largest lathe in the successful range of 2- and 3-axis value-driven Lynx machines. This 300 series machine has a 10" chuck/76 mm bar work diameter, and full C-axis and live tooling capability. The Lynx 300M is a general-purpose machine that is said to provides customers with outstanding performance at a more than competitive price. Lynx 220B The Lynx 220B is one of Mills' (and Doosan's) best-selling small lathes. The 8" chuck/51 mm bar diameter machine is a real work-horse and has a 15 kW 5,000rpm spindle, 12-station turret and can accommodate work pieces up to 300 mm in length (longer bed length available). Says Andrew Jack, Mills' technical director: "Lynx lathes are popular and are among the UK's best-selling range of small, compact machine tools. "The introduction of the new Y-axis models considerably strengthens our turning portfolio and will reinforce the Lynx's position as the UK's number one range of high productivity, high flexibility, cost-competitive small footprint lathes." Puma lathes Puma lathes have, for many years, have raised the bar and set new benchmarks for productivity, reliability and overall performance, says Mills CNC, and that is why they feature so prominently on Mills' stand at this year's MACH show. The Puma lathes being exhibited at MACH are: Puma 2600 - New at MACH The Puma 2600 has a 10" chuck/76 mm bar work diameter; a 3,500 rpm spindle (22 kW/625 Nm), and a 12-station turret. Puma 2600SY The Puma 2600SY has a 10" chuck/76 mm bar diameter; a 4,000 rpm 22 kW/358 Nm built-in main spindle and 6,000 rpm 15 kW/134 Nm built-in sub-spindle. The machine also features a C-axis, live tooling and a Y-axis (+/-52.5 mm). Puma 3100XLY - New at MACH The Puma 3100XLY is a powerful long-bed lathe (2,125 mm bed length) and has a 12" chuck/102 mm bar working diameter. The machine also features a high-torque 3,000 rpm built-in spindle (30 kW/1,203 Nm), a 12 station turret, C-axis, live tooling and a Y-axis (+/- 65 mm). Puma GT2100M - New at MACH Puma GT 2100 lathes provide manufacturers with increased accuracies and repeatability, superior cutting performance and greater process reliability, says Mills CNC. The heavy duty, box guideway machine to be exhibited has an 8" chuck/65 mm, 18.5 kW 4,500 rpm spindle and driven tooling (5.5 kW/5,000 rpm). Big Puma lathes Doosan large capacity lathes (and machine tools in general) have a following in the oil/gas, power generation, large automotive and aerospace sectors. Puma 480L - New at MACH The Puma 480L is a large, incredibly powerful and versatile machine ideal for every machining application. The Puma 480 machine has a 21" chuck/165.5 mm bar capacity, a 45 kW (gearbox-driven) 1,500 rpm spindle, a 10-station turret and a 2.15 m bed length. Puma 700LY The Puma 700LY (pictured) is one of the biggest lathes Mills has ever taken to MACH. The machine, with its chuck size up to 32" and bar capacity of 164 mm, is designed to handle large and heavy workpieces, and is used extensively in the oil/gas, power generation, and large automotive sectors. To accommodate large and long components, the Puma 700LY has a bed length of 3,250 mm – and its cutting performance is driven by a 45 kw 1,500 rpm spindle. Improved flexibility and productivity are assured via its driven tools and Y-axis (+/-100 mm) capabilities. Says Mr Jack: "Puma lathes are exceptional performers and provide manufacturers with improved accuracy and cutting performance and greater process reliability. I am confident that our range of Puma lathes will draw in the crowds at MACH." Sliding-head lathes Mills CNC introduced two new Doosan sliding-head lathes in 2013. Both machines – the ST20G (20 mm bar diameter) and ST32G (32 mm diameter bar) are highly productive models and are equipped with the latest Fanuc 31iB CNC which offers 7-axis capability. ST20G - New at MACH The ST20G is equipped with a built-in and oil-cooled 2.2/3.7 kW 10,000 rpm main spindle and a (1.5/2.2kW 8,000 rpm sub-spindle. ST32G - New at MACH The larger ST32G lathe is equipped with a built-in, oil-cooled 5.5/7.5 kW 8,000 rpm main spindle and a 2.2/3.7 kW 8,000 rpm sub-spindle. On both machines, the standard tooling specification/configuration is: six static turning tools; four static front tools; five cross-milling (rotary) tools including milling holders (four tools on the ST32G); two static and two milling holders on the back tool post; and two static sleeves for deep hole drilling. Vertical turning lathes Doosan's Puma vertical turning lathes are designed to handle large, heavy workpieces, and provide manufacturers with a reliable high-accuracy and high-performance machining solution for heavy-duty applications with a small overall footprint. VT 900 vertical turning lathe - New at MACH The VT 900 exhibited has a 32" chuck, a powerful 45 kW 1,800 rpm spindle and a 12-station turret. It can accommodate workpieces up to 850 mm in length, and the machine has a 900 mm maximum turning diameter. Multi-axis turning centres TT 1800SY twin turret, twin spindle turning centre The compact TT 1800SY 8-axis machine, with integrated Y-axis capability (+/- 50 mm), has been designed to take customers' productivity to new dimensions. The TT machine being showcased has a 65 mm bar working diameter; 22 kW 5,000 rpm spindles (left and right) and 40 m/min rapids. The machine provides the optimum solution for high volume machining of small-to-medium size, complex parts. SMX 3000 multi-axis mill-turn machine – new at MACH Doosan's range of best-selling mill-turn centres has a new addition – the next-generation SMX 3000. This machine features major improvements in ergonomic design and technical specification over the current MX mill-turn range and this is the first time the machine will have been seen in the UK. This 12" chuck machine has a maximum turning diameter of 660 mm, a 40-tool front mounted ATC with Capto C6 milling spindle, tailstock, a SLU5 servo-driven steady-rest and full 5-axis capability. Concludes Mr Frampton: "Our lathe and turning centre line-up at MACH is impressive and formidable. The 14 machines being showcased demonstrate to visitors that if they are turning small or large precision parts – we have the ideal solution." MACH 2014 - Birmingham NEC, 7-11 April