Mills CNC shows seven new machines at MACH (stand 5430)

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On one of the largest stands at MACH, and one of the largest ever taken by Mills, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland, is showing a cross-section of its Doosan lathes and turning centres, 3- and 5-axis vertical machining centres, horizontal machining centres and mill-turn, multi-tasking machines. Managing director Kevin Gilbert says: “We can confidently say that our stand at MACH and the machines being showcased will pull in the crowds. Few if any other stands will be exhibiting such a broad range of technologies.”

Of the 19 machines on show, seven are new.

1. Lathes and turning centres

The new, soon-to-be-launched Lynx 2100B lathe is on show; it is an 8 in. chuck/65 mm bar capacity model equipped with a 15 kW/4,500 rpm spindle. It is joined by the recently-launched Lynx 220LYSC long-bed lathe (510 mm turning length) equipped with a 16-station turret, +/-52.5mm Y-axis, 15 kW/5,000 rpm main spindle, 5.5kW/6,000 rpm sub-spindle and driven tools (3.7 kW/6,000 rpm).

A universal box guideway turning centre with an 8 in. chuck/65 mm bar capacity and driven tools (5.5 kW/5,000 rpm), the Puma GT2100M is equipped with a 12 station servo-driven turret and is being exhibited with an integrated Fanuc Robot to demonstrate its productivity potential achieved via plug and play automation. The Fanuc M20iA is a 6-axis robot with a maximum load capacity of 20Kg. The robot is equipped with 2x load/unload grippers for secure work-handling, an intuitive HMI control, in-feed/out-feed conveyors and touch-screen control. It offers a high speed automation solution for handling, pick & place and machine tending operations.

The new GT2600 box guideway turning centre has a 10 in. chuck/76 mm bar capacity, 658 mm turning length and, like all models in the range, is equipped with a programmable tailstock and an automatic tool-setter. The machine is competitively-priced and built for productivity with a 22 kW/3,500 rpm spindle and a 12 station turret.

A best-selling, class leading box guideway turning centre, the Puma 2600SY offers a 10 in. chuck/65 mm bar capacity, a 105 mm Y-axis stroke, 12/24 position indexing turret, driven tooling (7.5 kW/5,000 rpm), and an oil-cooled built-in main and sub-spindle.

A true twin-spindle twin-turret 8-axis turning centre, the TT1800SY is equipped with 12/24 position indexing (BMT55) turrets and high-torque 22 kW oil-cooled built-in main and second spindles. Standard equipment includes a remnant catcher, a fully programmable Renishaw tool-setter, parts catcher and output conveyor, making the machine a virtual flexible manufacturing cell in its own right.

Featuring a long bed with 1,285 mm maximum turning length, the Puma 3100LY lathe is based on heavy duty box guideways and also has a 12/15 in. chuck (102 mm bar capacity) and a compound 130 mm Y-axis stroke. The machine has a built-in motor spindle (30 kW), and standard machine features include a fully-programmable Renishaw tool-setting arm, a fully-programmable tailstock and the Manual Guide i conversational programming system.

The new Puma 4100M lathe offers users a large 15 in. chuck capacity machine with driven tools (7.5 kW/4,000 rpm). An innovative feature is a thread pickup function and an arbitrary thread repair function which allows the operator full control of the machine’s feed rates during threading cycles. Other features include box guideway construction, 30 kW spindle with electronic gearbox for operations requiring high torque; programmable Renishaw tool-setting arm; programmable tailstock and the Manual Guide i conversational programming system.

The new Puma 5100LYB is a 2-axis, 21 in. chuck (165.5 mm bar capacity) heavy-duty turning centre equipped with a C- and Y- axis (+/-75mm), and driven tools. The machine has a 12 station servo-driven turret with BMT75 tool holder interface and a directly-coupled 23 kW/4,000 rpm driven tool motor. The main spindle power is supplied by a Fanuc 45 kW/2,000 rpm spindle motor. Thread repair functions are supplied as standard.

2. Machining centres: 3-axis verticals

Three Doosan 3-axis vertical machining centres are on show, and each one is equipped with a different control system.

A popular small footprint DNM 400 II is equipped with the Siemens 828D control system. It has travels of 762 mm by 435 mm by 510 mm in X, Y and Z, a 16.5 kW/12,000 rpm direct drive spindle; 20 bar through-coolant capability; 30 tool ATC and the Siemens ShopMill conversational programming system.

A DNM 650 II vertical machining centre is equipped with the Heidenhain iTNC530 control, making it ideal for 3D contouring. The machine has large axis strokes of 1,270 by 670 by 625 mm in X, Y and Z, and a direct drive 32 kW spindle motor. Standard features include 20-bar through coolant capability, a 30 tool ATC and Heidenhain Conversational Programming.

The new DNM5700 II is the latest generation of Doosan DNM vertical machining centres and features a large Y-axis stroke (570 mm) and theFanuc 0iF control that delivers fast processing speeds and has a user-friendly graphic display. The standard machine features 20 bar through coolant capability, a 30 tool ATC and Manual Guide i conversational programming.

3. Machining centres: 5-axis machines

An entry level DNM 350 5AX 3 + 2 positional machine has a Fanuc control with good high-speed look ahead functionality and a data server. Standard equipment includes a 40 tool ATC, 20 bar through coolant and an intelligent and integrated thermal compensation system. The machine’s 12,000 rpm spindle is directly coupled to its Fanuc high-torque 18.5kW motor.

A multi-purpose vertical machining centre, specified with iTNC530 Heidenhain control, provides a versatile multi-tasking solution that includes full 5-axis simultaneous machining. The VCF850S has an X-axis travelling column and fixed bed design (standard bed length is 2,000 mm; a 3,000 mm bed length model providing pendulum machining is optional). The machine has a Y-axis stroke of 850 mm, a swivel head B-axis (+/-110 degrees), and an optional 800 mm diameter built-in table. The built-in spindle is 32 kW/12,000 rpm and standard equipment includes a 60 tool ATC, the Big Plus Face and Taper type tooling system and 20 bar through-coolant capability.

4. Horizontal machines

A twin 500 mm pallet BT40 HP 5100 II includes a redesigned base casting for improved stability and accuracy and a servo-driven tool changer for increased speed and reliability. The machine has a built-in 14,000 rpm spindle with rapid traverse rates in X, Y and Z axes of 60 m/min. The machine’s ATC can be carry from 40 to 262 tools.

The new DHF 8000 is a large 5-axis simultaneous twin pallet horizontal machining centre specifically designed for use in the aerospace industry. The machine features a nodding head design, enabling it to cut in both vertical and horizontal planes, thereby increasing productivity and flexibility. Dual ball screws are incorporated on both Z- and Y- axes to deliver powerful and smooth cutting action and linear scales on all axes guarantee long term accuracy. The machine has twin pallets (each pallet is 800mm x 800mm), a 25 kW spindle with 2-speed gearbox and HSK100 spindle taper.

5. Tapping centres

A high productivity and high performance tapping centre, the T4000 offers a 21 tool servo-driven ATC and a BT30 spindle. With rapid traverse rates of 56m/min on all axes enable the cutting head to get around the 520 by 400 by 350 mm (X, Y and Z) working area.

6. Millturn machines

The new SMX 2600S represents the third generation of Doosan multi-tasking mill-turn centres: the ‘S’ stands for ‘Super’. It is equipped with a 10 in. chuck and has 81mm bar capacity on both left and right hand spindles. The machine’s Y-axis stroke (300 mm) is delivered via orthogonal movement on roller-type guideways. Accuracy is maintained by six thermal sensors positioned across the machine; the machine’s spindles and X-axis ballscrew nut are oil-cooled. Standard equipment includes Capto C6 built-in spindle and a 40 tool front-loading ATC.

A similar machine to the SMX2600S but with larger capacity is the SMX 3100. It features a 12 in. chuck main spindle (102 mm bar capacity) and is equipped with a servo-driven tailstock and a programmable steady rest for supporting large parts. The main 30 kW spindle is oil-cooled and the machine’s milling capability is 26 kW/12,000 rpm. Standard equipment includes a built-in linear Renishaw tool-setter. A full control for 5-axis simultaneous motion is available.