Mapal end milling cutters for composites offer freedom from delamination at the edges of machined parts, combined with short machining times and long tool lives. They allow even large parts to be machined without the risk of poor results that lead to costly reworking. The company's milling cutter programme also includes ball-nose and torus end mills for three-dimensional surfaces as well as cylindrical milling cutters. Positive cutting edge geometries ensure that fibres in the composite material are optimally cut and good surface finishes are obtained, even when machining spherical surfaces. Mapal's milling cutters are complemented by a router product portfolio that starts at 0.4 mm diameter. The micro routers have been specially developed for milling outside contours, breakthroughs and pockets in small parts with low stock removal, and for use with very thin parts when only low clamping forces can be used. For drilling composites, Mapal has developed tool solutions with special geometries and, depending on the version, high performance diamond coatings and cost-saving replaceable head systems. The range includes the new UD and MD drills, which are optimised for unidirectional and multidirectional CFRP materials respectively, and which provide high performance and long tool life while minimising delamination and fibre projections in the workpiece. To complement its extensive portfolio of products for use with composite materials, Mapal offers expert technical support. The company's experienced application engineers will analyse individual requirements for machining these novel materials and will provide advice on selecting the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective tooling.