Innovations expand the Mapal PerformanceMill range

Mapal's PerformanceMill range of milling solutions includes established products as well as additions. Among the latter are tangential cutters with ISO indexable inserts that feature a novel positive cutting edge geometry that reduces cutting forces. This decreases the drive power required from the machine and their soft cutting characteristics help to prolong their working life.

The Mapal ISO indexable insert range includes face and shoulder cutter heads, shell end face and disc milling cutters, as well as helix milling cutters for shell end face and bore machining. All types incorporate high accuracy insert seats, matched cutting edge geometries and high performance coatings. CP-Mill replaceable-head cutters in the PerformanceMill range are designed to combine economy with precision in even the most demanding of applications. They feature Mapal's recently introduced CFS connection which guarantees a radial run-out of just 5 µm or better, and they deliver the same service life as monolithic tools, says the company. To provide easy identification, Mapal's PCD-tipped face mills for machining non-ferrous metals feature red anodised aluminium bodies. They are available in versions to suit almost any application and can, for example, be optimised to provide high material removal rate, defined surface roughness or to meet specific customer requirements relating to the flatness of the machined part. The PerformanceMill range also features solid carbide end mills, including types that are specially designed for machining steel, cast iron, aluminium, stainless steel and composite materials, and end mills with brazed PCD tips. Mapal says it can also develop and produce cost-effective high performance custom milling cutters to satisfy specific end-user requirements.