The ZSG 2 precision, self-centring, vice delivers rapid set-ups through the use of innovative ‘click in/click out’ jaws that can be changed in a matter of seconds. This, combined with a jaw opening of 110 mm, which can be extended to 216 mm, and a centring accuracy of < 0.015 mm makes the ZSG 2 perfect for small volume, precision workpieces. The ZSG 2 can be converted from centric to a single clamp vice simply by the removal of a single screw. Additionally, standard clamping elements can be used to locate components through use of the universal adaptor plate that can be located on top of the master vice jaws. Further options include the addition of ‘5-axis’ jaws that provide a 180 mm workpiece height that guarantee free access for 5-axis machines. In this application the jaws are 65 mm wide to facilitate optimum lateral access of the cutting tool. Aluminium quick-change jaws are also an option. With these it is possible to machine the component shape into the jaw to ensure maximum contact and the resulting lower clamping forces enable more delicate workpieces to be machined.