Iemca’s latest Elite 112 barfeeder is designed to meet the growing needs of the high precision micro-mechanical market. It can be used with 0.8 to 12.7 mm diameter stock, even on lathes with very high spindle speeds and headstock accelerations. Fast and accurate operation is achieved through the use of closed, calibrated, round section channels and high performance rotating tips. In addition, the development of custom-engineered low inertia components allows precise synchronisation with all types of machine headstock, including those actuated by linear motors. The Elite 112 boasts a 28 bar capacity and sees bar changes made in just 26 seconds with 3.2 m long stock. Its material magazine also features a stepping action that ensures reliable operation with small diameter raw material and the unit’s purpose-designed snap-in channels enable change-over times to be reduced to as little as four minutes. A library of default settings – accessed through the Elite 112’s control panel – means that no adjustments will normally be required.