Sandvik Coromant carbide insert gear milling tool - CoroMill 176

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CoroMill 176 is an innovative indexable insert cutter for productive gear wheel machining.

It is a more cost-efficient alternative to regrindable HSS (high speed steel) tools. Its ability to reach higher cutting speeds combined with user-friendly insert changing will reduce cycle times and cost per component, making it the high productivity gear milling choice. Initial field tests demonstrated that a gear hob fitted with cemented carbide indexable does not fulfill the accuracy requirements that a one-piece hob made of HSS or solid carbide is capable of mastering. However, compliance with grade B in accordance with DIN 3968 can be assured, which means that gear wheel grades of 9 to 11, in accordance with DIN 3962, can be manufactured. If a higher workpiece grade must be attained, a follow-up process with a one-piece hob or a grinding operation is required. Overall, the results of initial field tests demonstrated that three important advantages are achievable: decrease in machining time; hobbing costs per component reduced; tool-life increased. Tests performed under real production conditions demonstrated that the cutting speed, while retaining the feed rate of each rotation of the cutter, can usually be more than doubled. In this way, machining time of 200 minutes was reduced to 90 minutes per gearwheel, in one case. See full associated feature