Gear milling times halved using CoroMill® 176

New full profile gear milling hob offers big savings for gear manufacturers

On 1 October, cutting tool and tooling systems specialist, Sandvik Coromant, introduced a new full profile hob for gear milling. CoroMill® 176 is an indexable carbide insert hob that can reduce cutting time by an impressive 50 per cent and more than double tool life compared to traditional high speed steel cutters. Available for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations, the innovative hobbing tool solution covers gear profile sizes in the module 4-6 range (module is the pitch diameter divided by the number of teeth). With standard carbide inserts for gear profiles according to DIN3972-2, Custom Made options are also available for specific profiles with, for example, addendum modification and protuberance. The hob, which is registered in accordance with DIN3968 class B, is extremely easy-to-use and features Sandvik Coromant's groundbreaking iLock interface for ultimate precision and stability. Sandvik Coromant Sandvik Coromant, a product area within Sandvik Tooling, is a global leading name in cutting tools for turning, milling and drilling as well as modular tooling systems for lathes and machining centres. With some 8,000 employees, Sandvik Coromant is represented by its own sales personnel and specialists in more than 60 countries. In addition there is an established distributor network. 20 state-of-the-art Productivity Centres located around the world provide customers and Coromant personnel with training in tooling solutions for increased productivity.