Iscar tool advisor beats the experts

1 min read

The Iscar Tool Advisor (ITA) is a free web-based software package that is built around a unique mathematical algorithm for selecting the optimal tool for machining.

Benchmarking ITA recommendations with experts' tool selections, for a range of given applications, has shown the advantage of using Iscar's intuitive software. Even for a simple application, such as the milling of a 90° shoulder, of low alloy steel, 10 mm height and 10 mm width, tools selected by the use of ITA delivered 100% more productivity compared to manual tool selection. ITA displays up to three tool recommendations for the required application. Results include tool details, insert details, cutting conditions, power, metal removal rate and cutting time. David Jones, Iscar's UK sales manager, commented: "Having witnessed the impressive speed and efficiency of ITA in identifying the optimal cutting tools for a given range of tasks, I consider this free to use software to be a major breakthrough for companies who are searching for higher levels of production and profitability." ITA is available free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the weblink below. The ITA application can also be uploaded and used on any iPhone or iPod Touch, making all of Iscar's technical information available and accessible to any user via the internet, Wi-Fi or mobile connection.