ISCAR Logiq cutting tool range is delivering large benefits, says the company

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​Following the launch of the Logiq range of cutting tools in March, ISCAR is reporting high interest in its latest developments, highlighting success.

The Logiq range launch (see Machinery article here) was the biggest cutting-tool launch in ISCAR Tools’ history. Explains ISCAR Tools’ sales manager in the UK, David Jones: “As many of ISCAR’s recent R&D programs were nearing completion at approximately the same time, and as each new product series represented a major advance in a particular aspect of machining, rather than launch every cutting tool range separately, the obvious synergy between each new ISCAR product suggested that a major, mass launch was the way forward.”

Since the end of the MACH exhibition, to help prove the spectacular machining efficiencies that can be achieved by the use of Logiq cutting tools, ISCAR sales engineers have performed multiple machining trials in existing and potential customers’ premises in all parts of the UK. This has resulted in many users of other cutting tool brands converting to ISCAR Logiq products, reports Jones. As further cutting trials are due to be made in the near future, it is anticipated that many other users will soon switch to the use of Logiq cutting tools.

He continues: “The extremely positive feed-back we have received from ISCAR Logiq users indicates that in all cases, the promised machining performance improvements have been realised, and in many cases exceeded. Impressed by their early experience, numerous customers are now investigating other company machining processes that could benefit from the impressive efficiencies already delivered by the use of ISCAR Logiq cutting tools.”

He provides a UK example relating to the machining of stainless steel. The customer was using a premium grade carbide tool provided by a major global cutting tool manufacturer. With the use of the recommended Logiq 4 Turn cutting tool, cutting speeds were able to be raised from 114 m/min to 134 m/min and feeds boosted from 0.2 mm/rev to 0.22 mm/rev. In addition, the depth of cut was increased from 0.75 to 2.15 mm and the number of passes needed dropped from 3 to just a single pass.

And as the hard-wearing Logiq product resulted in the production of 9,000 parts per cutting-edge, compared to a previous 3,000, not only were far fewer cutting tools needed for production runs, much less time was lost in stopping to change cutting tools. As well as producing comma/helical chips, rather than the previous tangled chips and also enhancing the part’s surface finish, the advanced Logiq 4 Turn tool improved many other machining parameters, such as raising metal removal rates from 16.04 cm3/min to 53.69 cm3/mm. A remarkable saving of 72.3% could be achieved and this new ISCAR customer is now reaping the benefits.