Iscar expands HeliDo profiler family

Iscar has expanded its range of HeliDo Round H400 fine-pitch mills to further improve profile machining and ramping over a wider range of applications. Complementing Iscar's original 12 mm insert, the range now includes 10 and 16 mm inserts. Matching cutters cover the 20-32 mm diameter range for endmills and 40-125 mm for face mills.

Unlike true rounds, HeliDo H400 round inserts have a periphery that consists of bounding arcs with radii that would normally be found on pure rounds of twice the size. This configuration permits very high feedrates, explains Iscar, while fitting more densely into a given size cutter and creating a finer-pitch tool. The inserts are double sided and feature helical cutting edges for gentler entry, plus top-face geometry to create a 10o positive-rake inclination. HeliDo Round H400 inserts also benefit from Iscar's Sumo Tec post-coating treatment for improved performance. In addition to a dovetail clamping arrangement in the cutter, the HeliDo H400 Round insert shape also creates four fixed indexing positions per side, and firmer, no-twist seating that is able to withstand high cutting forces. Fixed indexing positions also ensure that all four edges are used, thus eliminating the uncertainties that lead to the discarding of rounds which still have good usable edges.