Kurt vice with 0.0007 inch clamping accuracy

Kurt's HDM690 vice is ideal for precision clamping large parts for tool, die and production CNC applications.

Featuring a full 9-inch jaw opening, the vice clamps with a repeatable 0.0007 in accuracy and minimal stationary jaw deflection. Designed with a rigid stationary jaw, it has top-down bolting and a tall body design to reduce deflection. High precision roller bearings and a specially hardened vice screw mechanism enhances precision clamping and smooth operation. The design distributes up to 6,000 lbs of clamping force evenly and precisely across the full jaw surface. Kurt's AngLock spherical segment in the moveable jaw (originated and patented by Kurt) further reduces jaw lift. The pull-type body design stabilises stress in the vice body, resulting in more accurate clamping of all types of parts. Setup features of the vice include: stationary jaw that bolts down from top; no need to remove from table to disassemble vice; narrow vice body allowing for more vices in the work envelope; bolts and locate directly on standard grid plates: 40 mm, 50 mm and 2 inch; a quick-change moveable jaw; and optional carvable jaws that enable the gripping of odd-shaped parts.