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Walter rounds off its range of solid carbide universal milling cutters

With the Xill·tec® MC230 and MC233 Advance milling cutters, Walter has introduced two ranges of solid carbide milling cutters that can be used universally for all ISO materials from groups P, M, K, N and S. Furthermore, the series can be used for all standard roughing and finishing applications and milling strategies.

As part of a second launch stage, the Tübingen-based tool manufacturer is now rounding off this range with Xill·tec® two-edge and eight-edge milling cutters. Offering diameters from 2mm to 25mm with cutting lengths from 1 to 5XD, these long cutting lengths enable Walter to embrace the trend for dynamic milling as a standard application in the universal range.

One of its major advantages is that the entire tool length can be used whilst achieving high material removal rates. There are also a variety of geometries with each developed for a particular application, material and machining strategy.

The Xill·tec MC230 Advance basic range also sees the addition of new Xill·tec milling cutters from the MC233 Advance range. Designed with chip breakers, the new tools are suitable for high chip volumes such as dynamic roughing applications. Essentially, the tools are suitable for applications where the chips need to be kept short and safely removed from the cutting area despite using long cutting edges.

When compared with market competitors, both milling cutters have a tool life that is around 30% longer when used at the same cutting parameters with the same material types. This is credited to a variable helix geometry that is coordinated with the number of teeth and the cutting edge length.

This also combines with the new tough Walter universal grade WK40TF with a TiAlN coating. The TiAlN coating has been developed and manufactured in-house by Walter for Xill·tec solid carbide milling tools.