Walter extends solid carbide milling series with MD265 Supreme

Walter is extending its range of solid carbide milling cutters for ISO N machining with the addition of two distinct roughing specialists, the MD265 Supreme and the MC268 Advance.

The MD265 Supreme three-edged cutter with a diameter range from 16 to 25mm is available as coated or uncoated, standing out with its coolant channels in a star-shaped configuration, as well as robust cutting edges with RAPAX profile.

It was designed to achieve high productivity and process reliability required in industry sectors such as the automotive industry. Whether uncoated with polished surfaces or coated with Walter's new WJ30DD grade, it can optimise chip removal, reduce material build-up and extend tool life. This is of particular interest for manufacturers machining die-cast aluminium with the high silicon content.

Also new to the portfolio is the 6 to 25mm diameter range MC268 Advance. Incorporating a polished Kordel profile that can be used universally, it is designed for long-chipping wrought aluminium alloys that are often found in the aerospace industry, for example. The coolant outlets of the three or four-edged milling cutter are arranged radially. This is ideal for innovative strategies such as dynamic milling and it reduces tooling costs as it can be reconditioned.

Both solid carbide milling cutters aim to reduce machining times in ISO N materials and crucially, to increase the material removal rate (cm³/min). The V-shaped cutting edge, which is typical of both milling cutters was developed in-house at Walter. This is the only one of its kind on the market so far, and it minimises heat ingress into the material.

The grooved cutting-edge profiles of the milling cutters split the chips into short, easily controlled segments. This increases process reliability and allows users to work with reduced cutting forces, which reduces spindle output and maximises the efficiency of the output used.