Walter Helicheck 3D uses laser digitising

The use of lasers for the production and measurement of cutting tools is increasingly being harnessed by Walter and Ewag – and none more so than with the Walter Helicheck 3D tool measuring machine that, in a claimed industry first, uses laser digitising for 3D inspection/comparison. The machine is available from Walter Ewag UK.

Laser technology enables the Helicheck 3D to scan tools in, for example, just 2 minutes for a 55 mm long segment of a 16 mm diameter tool, with the resulting data made available in 3D Tool Analyzer software for analysis.

The software enables operators to navigate to any position along the tool for the automatic measurement of parameters such as core diameter and rake angles, as well as rake and clearance angles on the top face. Capacities are 270 mm (X), 455 mm (Y) and 325 mm (Z), along with 360° in the A-axis.