Walter Ewag UK launches the Walter 3D laser sensor

Walter Ewag UK has announced what it said is a step change in the fully automatic measurement and digitisation of tools with the launch of the Walter 3D laser sensor that enables the Walter Helicheck Pro and Plus tool measurement machines to scan with four times the resolution than previously possible and to process that data four times faster.

Ideal for inspecting high-performance tools as used in industries including automotive, aerospace and medical where cutting edge geometry, pitch and spiral pitch vary widely, the 3D sensor could replace two separate machines traditionally used for measuring such tools - perhaps a combination of conventional and laser checking.

Available as an option on the Helicheck Pro and Plus machines and their corresponding Long versions - which can accommodate tools up to 80 mm diameter and 605 mm long – the 3D sensor has swivel angle ranges from -55° to 90° to also enable the complete scan of indexable inserts.

Easily and quickly programmed using wizard routines, with resulting short set-up times, the 3D sensor effectively ‘visualises’ the workpiece as a point cloud (in differing formats) and enables various measurements to be undertaken on the three-dimensional image.

When the resulting image is ‘placed’ on the tool’s three-dimensional design drawings, or a master part, any deviations can be clearly seen (via the integrated 3D Viewer) as three-dimensional comparisons of point cloud and target model, including surface reconstruction.