Tyrolit Genis CF carbon fibre core grinding wheel cuts vibration and energy consumption

Tyrolit's Genis CF range of vitrified CBN wheels have a reinforced carbon fibre core, which allows them to weigh just one-fifth as much as conventional steel-cored grinding wheels. They are suitable for external cylindrical grinding of automotive components such as camshafts, crankshafts and gear shafts in large volumes.

Exceptional damping that comes with drastic weight reduction, says Tyrolit, virtually eliminates vibration when the wheel is rotating, resulting in better surface finish on the component, improved roundness, lower run-out, less stress on the grinding spindle and drive motor, longer wheel life and a marked reduction in energy consumed. Fitting and removal even of large diameter wheels is made easier without using lifting equipment. In many applications, it is possible to increase productivity by reducing cycle times. In one Genis CF test, reports Tyrolit, when grinding a 48-52 HRc cast iron camshaft at 100 m/sec on a Landis 3L machine, the interval between wheel dressing was doubled from 800 to 1,600 components, leading to a 14% increase in throughput. The Genis CF wheel employs Tyrolit's integral body and grinding layer technology and its carbon fibre core can be reused several times with the addition of new segments. Currently, wheels up to 700 mm diameter are available for grinding truck crankshafts, while wheels up to 250 mm wide can be supplied for car camshaft production. The same formulation of sharp, thermally stable CBN grains of high fracture strength within a highly wear resistant vitrified bond is used as in Tyrolit's steel-cored Genis wheels. The porous abrasive layer minimises friction and heat generation in the cutting zone, allowing higher stock removal rates and faster grinding cycles. Better form holding is an additional advantage. Tyrolit analyses and optimises the process to provide a tailor-made wheel for each application and machine on which the components will be ground. Advice on wheel preparation, grinding parameters and coolant delivery is also provided. Genis CF wheels are also fitted with a 'wheel memory', an embedded microchip that holds data on the grinding wheel. Information stored includes wheel specification, setting dimensions for key datums, maximum operating speed, the length of time it has been used and remaining life. Radio frequency identification enables two-way wireless transfer of this data between the wheel and the CNC system controlling the machine on which it is being used.