Seco introduces CP200 parting-off and grooving grade for multi-directional turning

Seco's CP200 grade for parting-off and grooving superalloys has been joined by one for multi-directional turning (MDT) of cast iron (with low hardness) and martensitic stainless steels.

CP200 is available in single and double-ended 3 to 10 mm cutting width inserts. Produced from specially-developed micrograin carbide, they feature sharp, peripheral-ground cutting edges that enable them to be used in high speed operations while maintaining their high resistance to plastic deformation. Three chip-breaker options available are: FT, for fine turning and deep grooving; MP, for medium turning, profiling and grooving; and RP, for fine and medium turning, profiling and grooving. CP200 complements Seco's uncoated 833 grade, and can be used in conjunction with other Seco cutting tool solutions (such as Jetstream Tooling).