New Haas machines at MACH 2022

​Making its debut appearance in the UK at MACH 2022 is the ST-28Y turning centre from Haas Automation. The brand new Y-axis lathe combines the heavy-duty A2-8 spindle head of the mid-size ST-35Y big-bore lathe with the compact footprint of the smaller ST-25Y.

This combination creates a powerful turning centre that provides heavy-duty cutting capability without taking up a lot of valuable shop floor space. Furthermore, the addition of Y-axis, C-axis, and live tooling allows milling, drilling, and tapping on the face of the part and around the circumference for increased machine capabilities.

Specifications of the new lathe include a 12" (305 mm) chuck, a 40 hp (29.8 kW) vector drive spindle, and it has a 4.0" (102 mm) bar capacity and features a 12-station BMT65 turret.Twenty years after the introduction of its successful Toolroom Mill series of three-axis CNC machines at MACH 2002, Haas has updated the series. The TM-0P marks a complete redesign, simplifying and improving every part. The compact mill has a 10-pocket automatic tool changer, a 6,000 rpm spindle, a 508 x 305 x 406 mm work envelope and uses standard 40-taper tooling.

The new toolroom mill features the precision control of the Haas CNC system, with a conversational programming system that is easy to learn and operate, even for operators who don't know G-code programming. As a result, the TM-0P is well-suited to toolrooms that need to build or modify fixtures quickly, as second-operation machines to complete parts or moulds. They are also a great choice to provide in-house training without tying up a production machine, and their small footprint makes it easy to find space for one within a facility.