Haas to showcase new Mini Mills at MACH

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Machine performance was once paired with size and cost. However, the Haas Mini Mill Series challenged this by offering 40-taper performance in a compact design at unprecedented prices. Building on this success, Haas unveils a completely redesigned Mini Mill Series delivering enhanced capabilities and value at MACH 2024.

The upgraded Haas Mini Mills inherit features and options from the larger Haas VF Series while maintaining a smaller footprint. The latest models feature an expanded work envelope, now reaching 406 x 356 x 381 mm.

The Mini Mill Series are manufactured at Haas Automation’s USA facility in California, using 40-taper spindle shafts similar to those in the VF Series. With spindle speeds ranging from 8,000 rpm in the standard Mini Mill to an optional 15,000 rpm in the Super Mini Mill, users can adjust performance according to their needs.

Efficiency is key in manufacturing, and Haas acknowledges this with its Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS). Integrated into the Haas Control interface, WIPS speeds up setup and facilitates probing routines, minimising downtime.

Enhance productivity and precision by adding Haas indexers, rotary tables, or tilting rotary accessories to your Mini Mill. With straightforward installation and on-screen instructions, enabling 4th- or 5th-axis capability is straightforward.

Responding to user demands, Super Mini Mills now come with a high-speed 30+1 side-mount tool changer as standard, while standard Mini Mills feature a 10-station carousel tool changer, with an optional 20-station variant. Crafted in-house, every tool changer undergoes rigorous quality control.

Recognising the importance of effective chip and coolant management, the new Mini Mill and Super Mini Mill models come equipped with a 40-gallon (151 L) rollaway coolant tank as standard. Various chip and coolant management solutions are available to meet specific needs.

In summary, the upgraded Haas Mini Mill Series represents a convergence of innovation, performance, and value. With expanded capabilities and a focus on quality, these machines empower manufacturers and engineers to achieve precision and productivity in a compact package.