Mastercam X4 CADCAM

Mastercam X4 Wire delivers powerful part modelling and EDM programming, efficient tab creation, and dependable wirepath verification. Dramatically streamlined and featuring powerful new features, Mastercam Wire has been designed to reduce programmer interaction and increase machining flexibility.

Mastercam's streamlined CAD engine makes design work easier than ever before. Each piece of geometry created is "live," allowing fast modification until it's exactly right. Mastercam X4 Wire delivers a streamlined set of programming tools, including: · 2- and 4-axis programming. · 2-axis contouring, with or without taper angle. · Efficient no-core cutting. · Straight and tapered cut (with or without land) from either direction. · Contour multiple parts using a single window selection. · Automatic wirepath corner filleting. · Create efficient lead-ins and lead-outs with optional lead trimming. · Automatic tabs with user-definable stop types. · No Drop Out tab option helps avoid slivers. Mastercam X4 Wire is designed for Ease · Fully associative wirepaths are linked with your geometry. Modify any element of the job and immediately get updated wirepaths without starting over. · Mastercam's CAD File Change Recognition tracks files from Mastercam or any other CAD system and will show you what's been changed for easy wirepath updating. · User-customizable wire power libraries store power settings and other registers for rough and skim passes. · Mastercam includes all-new support for Agie EDM with Agievision controls. Simply choose an Agievision AWF Wire Machine Definition and you'll see parameter pages that anyone familiar with Agievision will instantly recognize. · See your part as it will come off the machine with solid model wirepath verification.