MACH Machine Tools introduces new CNC flat-bed lathes into the market

MACH Machine Tools, a leading supplier of CNC and manual machines and machine shop equipment to UK and Irish component manufacturers, and part of the Vigilance Group, has recently introduced two, new CNC flat-bed lathes into the market – both equipped with the powerful and flexible DynaPath WinDelta control system.

The 8” (3-jaw) chuck MDL 1600 lathe, and the larger 8/10” (3-jaw) chuck MDL 1800 model, provide customers with exceptional cutting performance, fast part processing speeds and unquestionable reliability and are aimed at component manufacturers machining prototypes, one-offs and small batch quantities.

Both lathes are equipped with powerful 7.5kW/3500rpm spindles (12N-m), 4-tool position turrets, sub-spindles (1kW/4000rpm), manual tailstocks (150mm travel) and boast 5m/min rapids on their X- and Z-axes.

The MDL lathes’ capacity is model dependant: the MDL 1600 has X- and Z-travels of 230mm and 820mm respectively and a distance between centres of 1050mm; the MDL 1800 has 350mm ((X-axis travel) and 1000mm (Z-axis travel) with 1250mm distance between centres.

The X-and Z-axes on both machines feature precision ground box ways and precision ball screws for high accuracy and process optimisation.

Both machines are ideal for performing a range of machining operations – turning, parting, grooving, facing, threading, tapping as well as keyway, face and cylindrical milling of precision parts.

DynaPath Control

The advanced DynaPath WinDelta control with 12.1” touchscreen available on all new MACH Machine Tools' CNC lathes, toolroom mills and machining centres, is one of the most widely used control systems in the world.

Used extensively in the US and the Far East for over 50 years, and with unrivalled technical support that’s described as ‘being the best, and most proactive, in the business’, the DynaPath control is flexible, versatile and easy-to-use - providing users with simple-to-understand navigation and operation screens accommodating ISO and Conversational Programming on one platform.

With online CAD editing capabilities, semi-auto functions and DRO operation, the DynaPath control provides power, speed and capability to even the most discerning machinist.

Dave Andrew, the Vigilance Groups’ managing director, said: "Our MDL lathes with the DynaPath control are high productivity, versatile and competitively-priced machines.

“The use of the DynaPath control system with its on-board conversational programming capability makes it easy for customers to programme the machines on the shop floor, and the remote 24/7 monitoring and reporting facility (a key feature of our DynaPath machines) provides manufacturers with peace of mind and confidence.”

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