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MACH Machine Tools introduces a range of high productivity CNC controlled knee-mills

MACH Machine Tools, a leading supplier of CNC and manual machines and machine shop equipment to UK and Irish component manufacturers and part of the Vigilance Group of companies, has introduced a range of flexible, high-productivity CNC-controlled knee-mills into the market.

The machines in the range comprise the MACH MDS 700-4T and MACH MDS 900-4T.

Both knee-mills are equipped with the innovative and easy-to-use 3-axis DynaPath WinDelta Control and feature integrated, 4-station automatic tool changers positioned around their directly-driven BT40 (5,000rpm) spindles, and large worktables (up to 1470mm x 320mm) with a 220kg maximum table load.

The advanced DynaPath control, available on all new MACH Machine Tools’ CNC lathes, toolroom mills and machining centres, is one of the most widely used control systems in the world.

Used extensively in the US and Far East for over 50 years, and with unrivalled technical service support that’s described as being the ‘the best and most proactive in the business’, the control system is flexible, versatile and easy-to-use – providing customers with simple-to-understand navigation and operation screens, and accommodating ISO and Conversational Programming on the same, single platform.

With online CAD editing capabilities, semi-auto functions and DRO operation, as well as the ability to run programs of unlimited size, top-of-the-line dynamic motion control and the system’s revolutionary 24/7 remote diagnostic control – it’s clear and understandable why the DynaPath control is becoming the preferred option for experienced and aspiring manufacturers.

Dave Andrew, managing director of the Vigilance Group, said: “Knee-mill technology has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years and we are at the head of these developments.

“Our MDS 700-4T and MDS 900-4T machines, equipped with the DynaPath control system and integrated tool changers, demonstrate that toolroom mills that deliver increased and improved productivity, flexibility and process efficiencies are going to be successful and in high demand.

“That’s what we’re finding with our MDS 700-4T and 900-4T machines.”

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