LVD to introduce new laser cutting, automated bending and software at Blechexpo

LVD will address the current day-to-day challenges of metal fabrication with new laser cutting, automated bending and software integration solutions at the Blechexpo trade show from 7-10 November in Stuttgart.

Introduced at the show will be the new large-format Phoenix FL-6525 laser cutting machine with bevel cutting head, a new automated bending solution, and new CADMAN-FLOW software for optimised process flow.

Phoenix FL is LVD’s flexible, all-around laser cutting system. The new Phoenix FL-6525 offers top-of-the-line versatility and capacity with a large cutting range up to 6510 x 2600 mm and bevel cutting option.

Its large-format configuration makes cutting oversized sheets easy and efficient; high dynamics ensure consistently high-quality cutting results in thin to thick materials. The bevel cutting head provides precise control of the angle and depth of the bevel to cut intricate contours or for weld-prep operations.

Phoenix FL-6525 is available with 6-, 10-, 12- or 20-kW laser power. The bevel cutting option is available for 10- and 12-kW systems. The Phoenix FL-6525 at Blechexpo will feature a 12-kW laser source with bevel head.

Making its debut at Blechexpo is a new automated bending solution from LVD, designed to address an array of industrial applications, including production of cabinet components, architectural components, shelving systems, steel furniture, elevators, clean rooms and fire doors.

LVD’s new CADMAN-FLOW empowers the smart factory. CADMAN-FLOW is a single point of entry to LVD’s complete software suite: software for Smart Drawing Importing, laser cutting, punching, bending, robotic bending and Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Via one entry, users can import and verify parts and assemblies, create smarter CAM programs, import production orders, reduce tooling set-ups, and retrieve production information from the touch controls, thus improving the speed and flexibility of the process flow from a 3D file to machine code to final product.

At the core of CADMAN-FLOW is the new CADMAN-B v9, the next generation of LVD’s benchmark CAM software.  CADMAN-B v9 calculates bending solutions faster and more efficiently than ever before, even optimizing and reducing tool changes to maximize throughput.