LVD to bring the 'Smart Factory' to life at EuroBLECH

2 mins read

LVD will put the focus on smart manufacturing showcasing interconnected sheet metal fabrication processes at EuroBLECH from 25-28 October in Hanover (Hall 12 – Stand F104) with the theme of “Shaping Flows.”

On display will be a Smart Factory cell as well as the latest laser cutting, bending, combination equipment, software and automation, demonstrating flexible solutions to enable a smarter production environment.

The Cost-effective Smart Cell brings to life a Smart Factory driven by cost-efficient machinery comprised of the LVD YSD LaserONE laser cutting machine, a basic, no-frills fiber laser, LVD Dyna-Cell robotic bending cell for small- to medium-sized parts, and CADMAN software. 

Dyna-Cell is bending automation at a fraction of the cost of traditional robotic bending systems. Designed to keep cost per part low, Dyna-Cell is priced less than the cost of two stand-alone press brakes. It is easily programmed, fully offline, in 20 minutes or less with 10 minutes of program preparation, 10 minutes of tool set-up and first part production.

Addressing the market need for an ultra-practical fiber laser cutting machine, LaserONE is designed, manufactured, sold and serviced by LVD. LaserONE cuts a variety of materials and thicknesses, has low operating and maintenance costs, and provides a quick return on investment.

The cost-effective Smart Cell showcases the essentials of smart sheet metalworking – connecting the technology of a fiber laser with an easy-to-justify bending cell and a few basic software modules to increase output and shorten cycle time without a heavy financial investment.

“Shaping Flows” using flexible cutting, bending and punching processes will be demonstrated.

The high-power 20 kW Phoenix FL-3015 processes a range of materials in thicknesses up to 40 mm. The 20-kW machine cuts up to 2.5 times faster than a 10-kW fiber laser. It pierces and cuts thick materials at rates faster than most plasma cutting systems.

The Ulti-Form robotic bending system handles small batch and long production runs with equal efficiency, delivering high productivity and consistent bending accuracy. Ulti-Form offers a fast “art to part” process. CADMAN-B software automatically calculates the optimal bend program and imports bending data to the robot software CADMAN-SIM – no robot teaching is required.

SIM automatically calculates gripper positions, generating the fastest collision-free path for the robot, and relays the information back to B, enabling the operator to work with a single program.

The Strippit Punch-Laser combines the punching and forming advantages of the Strippit V Series punch press with the speed and versatility of fiber laser cutting to complete multiple processes on a single machine, answering the need for flexible manufacturing.

The new Dyna-Press 60/20 electric drive press brake offers 60 tons of pressing force and 2 meters of bending length for the most capacity of any Dyna-Press machine.

LVD continues to drive a smarter factory with its integration philosophy and a complete suite of CADMAN software products all designed to shape process flow: CADMAN-JOB (Manufacturing Execution System), CADMAN-SDI (Smart Drawing Importer), CADMAN-B (bending), CADMAN-P (punching) and CADMAN-L (laser cutting).