Hydrafeed extends Autofeed range of long magazine barfeeds

Hydrafeed's Autofeed long magazine range of barfeeds for feeding round, square and hexagonal bar stock into CNC turning centres has been developed to accommodate bar lengths of 3.8, 3.2 or 2.5 metres.

The Autofeed 3-26 is one of a series of new barfeeds from Hydrafeed with the 3-26 capable of holding bar from 3 to 26 mm diameter, while other new models include the Autofeed 3-38 and 5-51 for holding respective diameters of 3 to 38 mm and 5 to 51 mm. The barfeed includes a double pusher system, which reduces the overall length of the barfeed by up to 1.2 m, ideal for machine shops working with long bars and limited space for a barfeed system. To maximise the rpm potential, the Autofeed 3-26 and 3-38 both have a dual anti-vibration device that stabilises the bar stock at two different points. For highly automated environments, all the new Autofeed models incorporate a remnant retracting gripper. The gripper holds and inserts the new bar into the collet and then extracts the post-production remnant. The Autofeed series incorporates a synchronisation device for continuous production and to ensure no loss of connection between the bar stock and collet pusher, for sliding head lathes. This system employs an electro-magnetic coupling that mechanically links the Z-axis travel of the lathe to the barfeed pusher to ensure synchronous movement. The range has a touch screen control system with a memory capacity for 36 different jobs. Additional features on the Autofeed include stock alignment guides for reducing set-up times plus quick change guide channels with a 'U' shaped bottom guide channel to enable the sections to efficiently slide out of their base.