Hexagon partners with Pininfarina on Global Evo CMM

Hexagon Metrology and Pininfarina partnered to produce the Global Evo CMM. Pininfarina worked on the design identity of the machine, aiming to highlight the technological content of the CMM, which was developed by Hexagon Metrology.

It is available in three work volumes (X, Y, Z): 900, 1,200, 800 mm; 900, 1,500, 800 mm; and 900, 2,000, 800 mm.

The study of the Pininfarina team focused in particular on the vertical measurement axis. This has been given a shape derived from the automotive world, with elegant sports lines and surfaces. The elliptical, nearly aerodynamic section of the Z-axis conveys machine speed, while the contrast between the translucent, dark front part and the painted part enhances its dynamism, says Pininfarina.

Under the polycarbonate band, two light strips have been added, which is a further reference to the automotive world. These multi-colour LEDs indicate the machine status from far away. Pininfarina has also reviewed all other machine covers, aiming to add consistency and stability to its aesthetics.