Flexible Primewave ultrasonic generator tailors cleaning bubbles

The Kerry Primewave generator can operate in a variety of ultrasonic applications, in aqueous, solvent or viscous liquids, and can be tailored by the operator to produce the quality of ultrasonic activity required, as dictated by the component complexity or by the substrate. The Primewave generator has the ability to control precisely the ramp-up of power delivery so it can deliver a surge of power to jump start cavitation in viscous liquids or it can feed in power incrementally to obviate damage to delicate items such as electronic circuits. Waves create the cavitational bubbles that grow and then implode when at an optimum size, producing an extremely high energy scrubbing action that imparts the cleaning. Typically, lower frequencies say, 25 kHz, produce a larger cavitational bubble that delivers more energy and harsher cleaning action while higher frequencies like 200 kHz, produce a smaller cavitational bubble which is better for internal cleaning of blind holes or more delicate cleaning for applications such as electronics. Primewave has the power to perform even with cooler tanks and non-degassed solutions and proves far less susceptible to ‘stalling’ when baskets of components are loaded into the solution. Primewave with its exclusive Primewaving technology is proven in foil tests to deliver superior, and faster cleaning compared to previous systems.