Guyson’s new ultrasonic cleaning baths deemed a "great success"

​Guyson International - the UK industrial finishing equipment manufacturer - is claiming their new GUK benchtop ultrasonic cleaning baths a great success and has enabled Guyson to reach new categories of customers with its wide range of tank sizes and highly competitive pricing. The new larger tank versions of 30 and 45 litres have proved especially popular.

After launching their extensive range of ultrasonic cleaning baths just over a year ago, replacing its previous ‘Kerry’ branded Pulsatron KC and MKC ultrasonic baths, Guyson has spent the last year introducing the Guyson UK and French sales staff and extensive European network of distributors to the new product range; with great positive feedback.

Mark Viner, Guyson International's blast and wash divisions managing director, said: "The new GUK ultrasonic bath range has surpassed our expectations and brought in good sales numbers during a very challenging year.

"Now business is getting back on its feet with a renewed optimism, hopefully, we can soon see our sales team back out visiting customers once again and fulfilling their cleaning requirements with these benchtop ultrasonic baths along with all our other more established blast finishing products."

The new Guyson ultrasonic bath range offers powerful cleaning in a reliable, affordable package and is ideal for laboratory, workshop or light industrial usage where precision cleaning is needed.

Applications for machines sold during the last year included cleaning carburettors, plastic ventilator parts, bolts, dies, bearings, laboratory glass, surgical eye instruments, race car driveshaft components and defluxing PCBs, to name but a few.

Available in seven stainless steel tank sizes, from 2 litres to a generous 45 litres, all models feature large and easy to use LCD, dedicated heater control, drain valve (apart from the smallest version GUK-2), as well as coming complete with stainless steel basket and lid. All models carry a two year no quibble guarantee.

Selectable functions of this exciting ultrasonic bath range include heating, de-gas, memory, sleep, sweep and adjustable power and all provided in a full metal construction casing equipped with lifting handles. This new range also delivers excellent precision cleaning with low ultrasonic noise emissions, making it perfect for quieter operational environments such as science, medical and dental laboratories and jewellery and electronics workshops.