Doosan designs compact DNM 350 5AX for full simultaneous 5-axis or 4+1 machining

The compact Doosan DNM 350 5AX 5-axis machine, from Mills CNC, is designed for full simultaneous 5-axis or 4+1 machining. It is suitable for high accuracy machining, heavy metal removal and fine finishing operations.

The Doosan DNM 350 5AX has rigid C-frame construction and exhibits excellent vibration and heat dissipation characteristics, says distributor Mills. It has a relatively small footprint but its 350 mm diameter table is capable of handling workpieces up to 250 kg in weight. The DNM 350 5AX can be supplied with a choice of Fanuc or Heidenhain control and is available with a variety of spindle options with speeds of 12,000 or 20,000 rpm. The machine also features Doosan's dual contact 'Big Plus' face and taper configuration for increased rigidity and machining performance. Axis travels on the DNM 350 5AX are 400 by 665 by 500 mm in X, Y and Z with corresponding traverse rates of 36, 36 and 30 m/min. The machine's 5-axis capability is delivered through the use of A and C axes, enabling users to machine parts (simultaneous 5-axis or via 4+1 operations) by using its trunnion (+30/-120° of movement) and rotary table configuration (continuous 360° of movement in the C-axis in 0.001 increments). Rapid rates in the machine's A-axis and C-axis are 20 and 30 rpm respectively. The DNM 350 5AX is equipped with a 30, 40 or 60-position bi-directional ATC (BT 40), and the machine's tool to tool change time is 1.3 sec. Other standard features on the machine include automatic tool measurement (TS27R), and a spindle head cooling system for improved thermal stability. The machine also has Doosan thermal compensation to reduce the effects of thermal growth, which is critical to 5-axis accuracy.