Dugard HSM600 simultaneous 5-axis VMC

The latest machine to bear the Dugard name, the compact footprint simultaneous 5-axis HSM600 VMC, is now in the company's showroom. The HSM600, which joins the only other 5-axis Dugard, the X5, is offered with a standard B-axis swivel milling head and either an add-on type A-axis rotary table and tailstock or built-in integrated C-axis rotary table.

The B-axis swivel head, which has ±120° of movement, is driven by a built-in torque motor. With no mechanical parts, it offers great accuracy, exceptional stiffness and shorter cutting distances, points out Dugard. Standard features include 1,020 by 610 by 610 mm XYZ access travel; 360° C-axis rotation, ±120° B-axis tilt from vertical, 600 mm dia rotary table, BT40 spindle (12,000 rpm or optional 24,000 rpm) and a 32 station ATC.