DIXI 210P and U machines offer heavyweight high accuracy machining

The new DIXI 210 P from DMG/Mori Seiki features a volumetric accuracy of 35 µm for the precise machining of large, heavy components.

The machine, along with the DIXI 210 U pallet changing model, is a Mori Seiki and Deckel Maho joint development that is claimed to be unique and in a class of its own. (Deckel Maho is a Gildemeister AG company – DMG/Mori Seiki is the selling organisation for Gildemeister AG and Mori Seiki). The machine has a work area of 1,800 by 2,100 by 1,450 mm in X, Y and Z, respectively, and can handle heavy components with diameters up to 2,500 mm, 1,250 mm in height and weighing a maximum of 8,000 kg. Powerful spindles, with torque up to 1,550 Nm or power up to 114 kW and with speeds up to 6,300 rpm, combine with high dynamics of 6 m/sec per sec acceleration and 60 m/min rapid traverse to offer efficient accurate machining. The DIXI 210 P is equipped with a special thermal management system that includes cooling of all heat-generating components. In addition, complete three-dimensional measurement of the machine is carried out after installation and any necessary numerical fine adjustments made – both with regard to thermal expansion and volumetric accuracy. See related feature article here