Cast iron machining insert

TaeguTec's AS500 ceramic grade of inserts is intended for the machining of cast iron.

The SiAlON ceramic grade insert is available in four insert designations to meet the diverse needs of the marketplace. Complementing the current range of TaeguTec's AS10 series, the AS500 operates in the same feed range as the AS10, but offers cutting speeds far beyond the AS10 as well as competitor inserts. This enables the AS500 to exceed speeds and feeds of competitor products to deliver productivity benefits and cycle time reductions in a wide range of applications. The AS500 is a proven solution for machining cast iron without coolant for applications such as automotive brake disc and drum manufacture. For disk and drum production, this new grade operates at far superior cutting speeds to competitor ceramic grades that are based on an SiN composition. The AS500 can comfortably conduct roughing and finishing operations, as well as being capable of interrupted and continuous cutting procedures. Available in HNGX, DNGX, CNGX and SNGX designations, the new grade is capable of rough machining cast iron at cutting speeds of 500 to 1,000 m/min. Alternately, the series can finish machine at a range of 600 to 1,200m /min.