Bystronic ByStar 10 kW fibre laser can quadruple productivity

To increase the speed at which sheet metal parts can be produced on a ByStar Fiber laser cutting machine from Bystronic, a 10 kW version has been developed (the previous maximum power being 6 kW). In addition, the ByStar Fiber is now available with a sheet capacity of 4 by 2 m.

Compared to the industry-standard 4 kW fibre laser, the 10 kW source increases cutting speed by up to a factor of four. The greatest speed benefits are achieved in material thicknesses between 3 and 12 mm, although the high power also enables the cutting of plate up to 30 mm.

To integrate the 10 kW fibre laser source optimally into the ByStar platform, Bystronic has made available a newly-developed cutting head. This incorporates a ‘spot control’ function that automatically shapes the laser beam and adapts the focal point.