UK’S first 10 kW laser now in production

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Sheet metal subcontractor Accurate Laser Cutting has announced a £700,000 investment in the UK’s first 10kW fibre laser.

The 10kW Bystronic ByStar 3 m by 1.5 m cutting system sets a new benchmark in laser cutting and represents the company’s second major investment in a Bystronic fibre laser machine in 18 months.

The machine is capable of laser cutting aluminium and stainless steel up to 30 mm thick, mild steel up to 25 mm, 15 mm brass and 12 mm copper. It can also clean cut mild steel up to 15 mm thick, which is beneficial to customers who require an oxidation free edge on their parts.

Company director Jon Till says: “Nitro-cutting offers so much more to our customers. Previously, our ability to clean cut mild steel was limited to 3 mm using our CO2 equipment. To now have the capability of five times that thickness is an incredible improvement and a major benefit to customers who require further secondary operation processes.”

This latest investment replaces its previous CO2 cutting machine at their West Midlands manufacturing premises. Its laser cutting facility also features a 6 kW BySprint, capacity 4 m by 2 m.

Company director Steve Morgan adds: “Following the success of replacing our first CO2 laser with a 6 kW fibre laser in 2015, the move to upgrade our second CO2 was inevitable. As soon as we heard whispers of a 10 kW fibre laser being developed by Bystronic, we knew it was only a matter of time before we had an all fibre line-up.”

The new machine’s increased power output accelerates cutting speeds. “In our view, having the best technology equals the best service. With more speed, we have more capacity available to service our customers with even shorter lead times and still consistently deliver on quality and price,” Till comments.

Compared with the industry-standard 4 kW fibre laser, the 10 kW source increases cutting speed by up to a factor of four, according to Bystronic. The greatest speed benefits are achieved in material thicknesses between 3 and 12 mm.

The machine also features a newly-designed and -produced cutting head. The in-house development incorporates a so-called spot control function, which automatically shapes the laser beam and flexibly adapts the focal point with high precision. Without operator intervention, cutting quality is optimised across a broad mix of materials, from thin to thick, including stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper and ferrous metals.

In addition to its laser cutting services, Accurate Laser Cutting also operates a pressbrake facility onsite with a maximum pressing capacity of four metres and 320 tonnes.