Bystronic unveils 12 kW fibre laser cutter

Bystronic has introduced a version of its ByStar Fiber flat-bed laser cutter with a 12 kW source for faster, more efficient production of components. The previous maximum laser power was 10 kW, compared with which the latest model is on average 20% more productive when cutting with nitrogen as the assist gas.

The machine has a newly developed ‘BeamShaper’ function and cutting head that ensures consistent quality of cut when processing material thicknesses from 3 mm up to a maximum of 30 mm. The results are reduced cost per cut, shorter delivery times, reliable operation across a broad spectrum of applications and low maintenance costs, says the company.

The cutting head is the key element for achieving stable cutting and consistently high quality, especially as laser power increases. A slim design features more efficient cooling, a reduced number of components and enhanced resistance to the ingress of contaminants.

BeamShaper, which can be factory-fitted or retrofitted at a later date, enables higher quality when cutting thicker steel plate. The function optimises the shape of the laser beam to increase speed and improve the quality of cut edges when processing material in the 20 to 30 mm thickness range.

To provide optimal material flow that matches high-speed laser cutting, Bystronic has a broad selection of automation solutions available for the ByStar Fiber, including loading and unloading systems, sorting solutions, and storage systems. An integrated, automated laser-cutting installation can thus be configured to suit each manufacturing environment and the available space.