Bowers launches shopfloor-proof Sylvac digital indicators

Bowers Metrology has launched a range of advanced, 'shopfloor proof' Sylvac digital indicators. Available with measuring capacities of 12.5 and 25 mm and a choice of 0.01 and 0.001 mm resolutions, the S_Dial Work indicators have a repeatability specification of 0.002 mm.

The eight-model range of Sylvac indicators boasts an IP67 rating, according to IEC 60529, rendering them resistant to the ingress of water and coolant, even when fitted with data connection cables, says Bowers. The Sylvac S_Dial Work indicators have been designed to operate within harsh measuring environments, such as within close proximity to machine tools, and are manufactured from materials able to withstand extended shopfloor use. They can be fitted with a wide range of contact points and, for ease of use, they all have integrated, ergonomic lifting devices. A highly visible LCD digital readout displays all measurements while a simple three-button operating system gives the user easy access to the S_Dial Work indicators' wide range of features. In addition to a metric/inch conversion, these Sylvac indicators have zero setting, preset, min/max/Delta and tolerance function with coloured LED lights within the display. If required, the indicators can be programmed manually or by a PC (disabling and enabling various modes and button function). They are also able to transmit their readings via RS232, USB, Digimatic or by use of wireless devices. The indicators are powered by CR2302 extended life Lithium batteries.