Accretech measuring progress at MACH 2022

Accretech SBS designs and manufactures advanced metrology technology for industries that require the highest levels of accuracy. In addition to renowned mobile measuring systems such as the SURFCOM Touch 50 and Handysurf+, the company’s technical staff will be demonstrating the recently launched advanced NEX series of roundness, form, and surface roughness measuring instruments at MACH 2022, stand number 19-514.

The wide range of parameters able to be precisely inspected by the cutting-edge new range includes, roughness, roundness, levelness, concentricity, coaxiality, axial run-out, radial run-out, perpendicularity, cylindricity, parallelism and straightness. Progressive new SURFCOM NEX features include an axis speed potentiometer and an AutoForceDetector.

Available in both manual or super-efficient CNC versions, thanks to their ingenious modular designs the robust, low-maintenance ACCRETECH SBS instruments can be specified to suit each customer’s specific requirements, and if desired later upgraded if users’ future inspection needs change.

The concentricity and straightness specifications of profile measuring instruments are fundamental in determining their precision capabilities. The innovative new RONDCOM NEX series offers the best concentricity and straightness precision levels in its class - (0.02+3.2H/10000) µm and 0.15 µm (Z300) respectively. These outstanding figures are made possible by the use of first-class air-bearing rotary tables, also by the range’s extremely high rotational accuracy. In addition to measuring form parameters, RONDCOM NEX Rs variant instruments also enable highly accurate roughness measurements to be made.

Complementing the RONDCOM NEX series first-class hardware, ACCRETECH’s feature-rich, easy to use ACCTee software is able to evaluate, graphically present and record all measuring results.

The staff of ACCRETECH SBS UK invite exhibition visitors to stand number 19-514 to discuss their measuring needs and to witness practical demonstrations.