Unamuno CNC turning centres sole UK agent announced as Leader CNC

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CNC turning centres, manufactured by Unamuno, are now being sold through their sole UK agent, Leader CNC of Nuneaton.

Since becoming the UK representative at the end of 2009, Leader CNC has already sold its first CNC turning centre, a Unamuno Optima 36 simultaneous multi-tool turning centre. The CNC turning centre has been purchased by Wakefield based Aqua Mist Fire Protection. It is used to produce components for water mist V sprinklers, low pressure systems and general water mist applications. The Optima turning centre range is available in three variants, the Optima 36, 42 and 50. The CNC turning centres are configured with 6 axes and 22 tool positions that includes 8 positions on the 3-axis upper slide and a 2-axis gang slide with up to 14 tools. Seven tools can be used, by the turning centre, on the main spindle with another seven on the sub-spindle. As an option, customers can acquire the Optima turning centre with indexing and power tooling on the gang and upper slides for complex component manufacture and improved productivity. The Optima 36, 42 and 50 turning centres have a respective 36, 42 and 50 mm diameter capacity that is matched by the sub-spindle capacities. This is supported by the power and rigidity to allow end users to divide operations between the main and sub-spindles, enabling the overlap of up to 3 operations, simultaneously, using axis super-imposition. With simultaneous milling and drilling processes, the CNC turning centre productivity is improved. [Products covered: CNC turning centres, CNC turning centers)