CNC turning centres from CMZ demonstrated live at MACH 2010

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CMZ will feature CNC turning centres at MACH 2010, with live demonstrations of six turning centres from its TC, TB and TL turning centre ranges.

CMZ will be giving the gantry loading version of the TC turning centre range its UK debut. The featured turning centre, a TC25, is a 250 mm diameter CNC turning centre available with Y-axis, driven tooling and subspindle. Notable about CMZ's turning centre product range is the sheer number of standard turning centres it offers. The three turning centre ranges include 150 machines, from basic 2-axis turning centres up to multi-axis gantry turning centre systems, in sizes from 46 mm bar up to 500 mm chuck capacity. Turning centre models include versions with Y-axis, driven tools, subspindle, CNC tailstock axis, long and short bed configurations and gantry loading. There are also around 50 options for each turning centre, including different turret size and configuration, tailstocks, chuck diameter and bore and spindle power, as well as, control function options such as tool load monitoring and tool life management. The turning centres are all built using powerful Fanuc HVi drive motors, with spindle drives up to 48 kW, combined with 17 kW driven tools. CMZ has upgraded its turning centres to Fanuc 30 Series control. This advanced CNC makes internal calculations to a resolution of 0.001 of a micron, ten times finer than previous Fanuc controls, and servo feedback takes just one one millisecond instead of eight milliseconds on the 18 and 21 Series controls. Visitors to the CMZ stand will also have the chance to get a taster of a new range of twin-spindle, multi-turret machines, due to be launched in 2010. [Products covered: CNC turning centres, CNC turning centers]