TDT Machine Tools to represent CMZ

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TDT Machine Tools has struck a partnership deal with CMZ, a Spanish manufacturer of lathes and turning centres. With immediate effect, TDT Machine Tools is able to offer CMZ machines across the central belt of the UK. This area extends coast-to-coast from Lincolnshire in the East, to Wales in the West, taking in the East and West Midlands, including Hereford and Worcester, and extending as far north as Sheffield and Doncaster.

CMZ has been manufacturing lathes for more than 70 years. This family business, founded in the town of Zaldibar, near Bilbao, has grown exponentially in recent years to acquire global prestige in the machine-tool sector. CMZ manufactures almost 500 lathes per annum, all of which are designed to offer a life cycle of over 20 years. Over the past three years, CMZ has enjoyed growth of 7%, 16% and 23%.

“As many within the machine-tool industry are aware, CMZ is a hallmark for quality,” states Phil Terry, sales director at TDT Machine Tools. “These machines are built to last for decades, without any compromise in precision or reliability. Importantly, we can supply standard CMZ lathes from factory stock in one week, which compares favourably to the five weeks typically required for machines from the Far East. Even CMZ lathes built to customer specifications are available on short lead times.”

TDT Machine Tools is able to offer the full CMZ range, which extends from small 2-axis lathes, through to 18-axis triple-turret turning centres featuring sub-spindles. Swing diameters of up to 950 mm, and 3,250 mm between centres, can be provided. All CMZ lathes are said to feature high torque, high power, oil-cooled integrated spindle motors. The machines are Industry 4.0 compatible and can be fitted with CMZ’s own gantry loading automation if required.

The TX and TTL range are the company’s flagship models. TX series machines consist of two turrets that can serve both spindles. Each turret can be configured with live tooling and a Y axis. Notably, the sub-spindle is able to move vertically and horizontally (X3, Z3), which makes it possible to turn with three tools simultaneously and thus reduce cycle times.

TTL series machines offers further accessories for different application types. For instance, TTL lathes can be equipped with a tailstock that facilitates the machining of long parts in the main spindle, while the lower turret is busy finishing the component in the sub-spindle.

It is also worth noting that CMZ has its own service division based in the UK. With headquarters in Rugby, just up the road from TDT, CMZ lathes are installed and maintained by CMZ-employed, UK-based engineers.

“Designed to deliver repeatable levels of productivity and precision, CMZ lathes are built to serve a host of applications across all industry sectors,” concludes Terry. “A single demonstration is all it would take to convince a potential customer of their potential to offer competitive gain and fast return-on-investment.”