CMZ TA lathe range aims to provide the perfect fit

2 mins read

The CMZ TA range, with over 70 different versions to choose from, is promoted as providing effectively a bespoke high specification lathe.

The CMZ TA range of lathes meet a wide range of customer requirements on a small machine – including Y-axis milling, powerful driven tools, as well as a wide choice of bed lengths and bar capacities. The CMZ TA machines are rigidly built for accuracy and durability, with box-section guideways on the X, Y and Z axes for rigidity, a prerequisite for applications such as hard turning, rather than the bolted-on linear guides. The movement of the ultra-rigid Y-axis is based on a wedge design that moves in and out to move the turret up and down. The range covers five possible machine configurations, including a standard 2-axis, turning-only lathe, a turning and milling version, a turning and milling version with Y axis, a sub-spindle version and, at the top of the range, a Y axis turning and milling machine with sub-spindle. Except for the sub-spindle versions, all machines are fitted with a programmable servo-driven tailstock for speed and versatility. The range covers 52 to 77 mm bar sizes and every machine is available in three bed lengths, with Z-axis options of 400, 640 and 1,100 mm. The ability to combine a sub-spindle with a 1,100 mm Z-axis is unusual for this type of machine and, believes CMZ, makes the TA an attractive option for the accurate machining of long shafts. Each of the 12 turret stations can accommodate driven tools with the standard 12,000 rpm driven tool motor providing 11 kW of power to deliver up to 75 Nm of torque. The driven tool motor is integrated into the turret, perpendicular to the turret disk, with spiral bevel gears providing a direct connection to the tools. For thermal stability, the main and sub-spindle motors, the driven tool motor, the headstock bearings and the axis motor couplings are all cooled with refrigerated oil. The driven toolholders are the same as on CMZ's TC and TL range machines, so existing customers can use the same tools. In addition, CMZ has developed driven toolholders that can run up to 12,000 rpm and have through-tool coolant at up to 70 bar to support deep hole drilling capability. All the machines in the range can be fitted with a Renishaw tool setting probe. High quality SMW Autoblok chucks are standard. Alternative chucks, collet chucks and mandrels are available as standard equipment. A gantry loading system is available as an option. CMZ also offers a lower cost version, the TA20 eco. This has a Fanuc 0 Series control instead of the standard Fanuc 30 Series control and has a belt-driven spindle rather than the standard integrated spindle motor.