Hedelius machining centres now available from YMT

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The Hedelius range of machining centres is now available from exclusive UK agent YMT Technologies. Hedelius CNC machine tools are produced in-house at the company's 12,000 m2 facility in Meppen, Germany. The company provides solutions for machining components in many sectors, but specifically for customers in the aerospace, mould and die, and motorsport industries. The vertical spindle moving column product range covers 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining, in pendulum and combination designs.

The semi-gantry design, with heavy duty overhead roller guides on the Y-axis, is the Hedelius design for vertical machining, with short overhang and solid machine bed. The fixed grey cast iron table is said to be suitable for large and heavy workpieces, with chips falling from the machine table on to the conveyor below. Direct NC travel measurement systems with optical scanning, digital drives and stick-slip-free recirculating roller guides feature on all linear axes of Hedelius machining centres. Integral Celox motor spindles, offering up to 24,000 rpm, are also deployed, as well as a hydro-mechanical tool clamping system with HSK 40 or 50 tapers. Fluid cooled direct drives are used for the rotary and swivel axes of the 5-axis machining centres of the RS 505, RS 605 and RS 805 (RotaSwing) Kombi range. These torque motors work without mechanical transmission elements and are virtually wear-free, says Hedelius. The machines from the Tiltenta T7 range are designed as all-rounders: an infinitely pivoting main spindle enables 3- or 4-sided face machining of long workpieces, while 5-sided machining in pendulum operation is possible with the integrated NC indexing table and a workspace divider plate. The 3-axis machines from Hedelius offer X-axis ranges of 1,800 up to 6,500 mm, and Y-axis from 510 to 1,250 mm. Spindle speeds go from 4,500 up to 24,000 rpm, with hybrid bearing spindle motors offering power up to 60 kW. The 5-axis machines all feature direct drive rotary and tilting tables with diameters from 420 up to 1,000 mm. Control options include the Heidenhain iTNC530 and Siemens 840D. A recent development from Hedelius to support extended machining operations and lights-out production is the Skyloader range of pallet systems, which are fitted to the RS range of Kombi machines. These systems offer capacity up to 41 pallets, with additional tool storage up to 190 tools.