A voyage of discovery at MACH 2024 with Mills CNC

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Mills CNC to showcase a stellar array of advanced high-productivity machine tools and automation systems on its stand at MACH 2024.

A total of 16 machines, including a number making their UK and MACH Show debuts, plus two automated manufacturing cells, complete Mills’ technology line-up, on what will be the largest stand at the event. (Hall 19 - Stand 110).

Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of DN Solutions’ and Zayer machine tools in the UK and Ireland, and a leading supplier of advanced automation system solutions to component manufacturers, is promising to make MACH 2024 a truly inspiring and transformative event.

With a reputation for always ‘pushing the boat out’ at previous MACH shows, the company is doing something similar, if not better, this time around and has confirmed that it will be showcasing a total of 16 machines on its 750sq. m. stand.

The company’s technology line-up at the event includes eight milling machines (seven DN Solutions’ 3- and 5-axis vertical and horizontal machining centres, and a large-capacity Zayer horizontal CNC bed mill), seven DN Solutions’ lathes and turning centres and a DN Solutions’ SMX multi-tasking mill-turn machine.

Two of the turning centres being showcased form the mainstay machine tool elements of (two), separate automated manufacturing cells, who’s inclusion demonstrates the growing popularity of Mills’ automation solutions and their importance to the company’s future growth ambitions.

With a focus on innovation and automation, Mills’ eagerly-anticipated MACH 2024 theme, currently being rolled out, will not disappoint and is quite literally ‘out-of-this-world’.

“Our stand at MACH 2022, with its Broadway theme, is still being talked about in industry circles, and raised the bar in terms of creativity and stand design,” said Tony Dale, Mills CNC’s CEO.

“As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we are confident that we have ‘gone one better’ this time around with our MACH 2024 ‘SPACE ODYSSEY’ themed stand.”

‘First contact’: machines making their MACH debuts.

Five of the machines on Mills’ stand are new models that are making their MACH show debuts. Their presence enables visitors to make ‘First Contact’ and have a positive ‘close encounter’ with the new DN Solutions’ and Zayer machine tools and experience the significant productivity and process efficiency gains offered by each.

Pride of place, and occupying the largest space on Mills’ stand, goes to the new Zayer XIOS G CNC horizontal bed mill.

This large-capacity machine is equipped with a built-in rotary table (1500mm x 1500mm), a 5-axis, 45-degree milling head and the latest Heidenhain control. 

With its powerful, high-torque spindle (40kW/6,000rpm), and impressive positional accuracy (0.008mm) and repeatable accuracy (0.005mm) capabilities, the XIOS G is ideal for large aerospace, rail, energy and oil and gas part processing (including mould and die applications).

New DN Solutions’ machines making their MACH 2024 debuts include the compact, Fanuc-controlled DVF 4000 simultaneous 5-axis machining centre, two models from the recently-launched DNT-series of high-performance lathes (DNT 2100M and DNT 2600), and a V 9300M vertical turning lathe.

  • The DVF 4000 is the latest addition to DN Solutions’ popular DVF-series of simultaneous 5-axis machining centres and is equipped with a 12,000rpm spindle, a 400mm diameter, built-in rotary tilting table and a 60-position ATC.

Roller LM guideways and integrated thermal compensation help make the DVF 4000 a fast, precise, powerful and reliable 5-axis machine tool solution.

  • DNT 8/10” chuck, box guideway lathes were introduced into the market in early 2023 and are well represented at MACH 2024.

The Fanuc-controlled DNT 2100M has an 8” chuck/65mm bar diameter and is equipped with an 18.5kW/4500rpm spindle, a 12-station turret and driven tooling capabilities (up to 10,000rpm).

The DNT 2600 is a 10” chuck/81mm bar diameter lathe, equipped with a 26kW/3,500rpm spindle, and 10-position turret.

  • The V 9300M is a robust and powerful 24” chuck vertical turning lathe with 20m/min rapids (X- and Z-axes), a 45kW/1800rpm spindle, a 12- station turret, 4,000rpm driven tooling capability and an additional, front-mounted ATC for extra productivity.

‘The Right Stuff’: established machines designed to pull in the crowds.

In addition to new machines making their debuts, Mills’ stand also features a number of popular and best-selling models from its well-established machining centre, turning centre and mill-turn machine ranges.

It would be unthinkable for Mills not to showcase its, now iconic, DVF 5000 simultaneous 5-axis machining centre at MACH 2024 and, to emphasise its future importance to the company going forwards, Mills is showcasing two DVF 5000’s on its stand – one standalone model and one integrated with a multi-level automated pallet change system.

Other milling favourites being exhibited include (three) DNM vertical machines centres – a DNM 4500 (Siemens control), a DNM 5700 (Fanuc control) and a DNM 6700 (Heidenhain control) – and a NHP 5000 horizontal machining centre integrated with an automated pallet changer.

“Increasingly, manufacturers are looking to increase their competitiveness by embracing automation,” said Dale.

“As a leading automation systems’ supplier, we are showcasing a number of DN Solutions’ machines integrated with pallet change systems which can significantly improve customers’ productivity by enabling them to take advantage of unattended and lights-out operations.”

Helping customers improve their productivity and process efficiencies were major factors in determining the turning centres and mill-turn machines Mills has decided to showcase on its stand.

A best-selling, multi-tasking 8” chuck Lynx 2100LYB with integrated Y-axis capability has pride of place alongside a recently-introduced 10” chuck TT 2100SYYB (twin-turret/twin-spindle turning centre with dual Y-axis functionality), and a 10” chuck SMX 2100SB mill-turn machine equipped with (left and right) opposing spindles and a B-axis milling spindle.

 Dale added: “MACH 2024 is the ideal venue for us to demonstrate the power, precision, speed and flexibility of our DN Solutions’ multi-tasking turning centres and mill-turn machines.

“These innovative models, with their Y-axes and driven tooling capabilities, enable component manufacturers to machine complex, high-precision parts in ‘one-hit’ and, as a consequence, help them transform their productivity, performance and profitability.”

‘Ad Astra’: Automated robot cells helping manufacturers reach for the stars.

In recent years, Mills CNC has gained a reputation for supplying manufacturers with productivity-enhancing automated manufacturing cells. At MACH 2024, the company is reinforcing its automation and turnkey solutions’ pedigree and credentials by showcasing two robot cells on its stand.

The first of these – a SYNERGI Premier cell - comprises a 12” chuck Puma 3100SY sub-spindle, Y-axis turning centre integrated with a Fanuc industrial robot, a five-drawer (bi-directional) part load/unload station and a 17” touchscreen iHMI. The cell is driven by Mills’ proprietary SYNERGi software.

The second cell, incorporating a compact 10” chuck Lynx 2600SY sub-spindle, Y-axis lathe, is integrated with a collaborative robot (cobot), and will be undertaking a range of machine tending operations.

Dale said: “Manufacturing cells, using either industrial or collaborative robots, help customers achieve continuous production by unlocking the true productivity potential of their machine tools.”

CNC Training Academy

In addition to the 16 machine tools on view, the company will also be promoting its full range of CNC programmer and operator training courses offered by the CNC Training Academy.

The Academy, which has recently relocated its entire operation to new, modern premises at the company’s Campus facility in Leamington, will demonstrate how its comprehensive ranges of Fanuc, Siemens and Heidenhain training courses, as well as its advanced and specialist FeatureCAM, BobCAD-CAM, Manual Guide I and Custom Macro course provision, can help manufacturers - a) ensure machining best-practice, b) get more from their machine tools, and c) combat internal skill shortages by training-up their existing workforce, providing employees with relevant and transferable skills.

2024: A space odyssey

Mills CNC is exhibiting a range of advanced and innovative technologies (machine tools and automation systems) on its stand at MACH 2024, and promises show visitors an exciting, thought-provoking and immersive ‘out-of-this-world’ experience.

Dale concluded: “Visit us at MACH 2024 for a true voyage of discovery. We’d be delighted to welcome you onboard.”