Free guide to ultrasonic cleaning

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A free guide detailing ultrasonic cleaning has been made available by Technowash.

'The Guide to Ultrasonic Cleaning', is a 14-page brochure, packed full of relevant information. The guide seeks to provide full and extensive guidance on all issues surrounding ultrasonic cleaning. This includes a clear explanation of the working principles of ultrasonic cleaning, and information as to how and why it is such an effective, high precision cleaning method. There are full details on ultrasonic cleaning processes, as well as examples of the types of applications, which are suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. Extensive information is provided on types of ultrasonic cleaning equipment available on the market, and a special 'Frequently Asked Questions' section aims to answer some of the most common ultrasonic cleaning queries. Tony Grayson, technical director of Technowash ltd, who led the team behind the new guide commented: "Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the most effective high precision cleaning methods out there, and it can be used for such a vast array of applications. The aim behind the brochure was to provide clear informative guidance for anyone who is considering ultrasonic cleaning and highlight how many different applications it really is suitable for." Download the guide from the company's website. Click company name, right.