ETG Workholding adds Spreitzer range of clamping and measuring tools

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Coventry-based ETG Workholding has been appointed exclusive UK supplier for the German Spreitzer range of clamping and measuring tools.

Established in 1983, Spreitzer’s range extends from modular clamping systems and modular construction systems for machining centres to manual quality control and bespoke equipment, including mechanical clamping systems.

ETG Workholding will be particularly promoting the MZR range of mechanical centre vices that “uniquely” securely clamp raw material workpieces without the need for pre-stamping.

Raw part machining (first set-up) uses the grip jaw option, while the second set-up for finish machining using a smooth jaw option – all without pre-stamping.

Depending on the jaw clamping width selected (four options between 70 and 195 mm) a maximum clamping force of 40,000 N is possible. This strong grip contributes further to reduced cycle times, enabling raw workpiece materials to be rapidly positioned, clamped and positioned ready for machining.

Says ETG Workholding’s product manager Rob Becket: “There are many options for raw material clamping but the vice is only part of the solution. Raw materials mostly need pre-stamping, which adds further cost over and above the purchase cost of the vice and adds time to what is essentially a very straight forward operation.

“MZR vices are ideal for working on multi-axis machining centres, as they are a compact design with a small trunnion footprint yet still offer maximum access and the ability to enlarge the clamping width with reversible jaws.”

ETG Workholding will be adding to the Spreitzer portfolio throughout 2017 to create a “highly comprehensive workholding range”.