The Machinery Interview: Gunther Mayr - WFL Millturn Technologies

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WFL Millturn Technologies is a machine tool manufacturer in the field of complete machining and the
only manufacturer worldwide focusing exclusively on the production of multifunctional turning-boring-milling centres. The company is based in Linz, Austria and one of WFL’s CEOs Gunther Mayr talks
machine concept, Industry 4.0, future targets and EMO 2023

Q) WFL specialises in providing complete machining solutions. Could you briefly describe your solutions portfolio, specifically the MILLTURN machine concept?

Gunther: Having focused on complete machining since 1983, we are the technology leader in the field of metal-cutting production machinery. The combination of different machining technologies such as turning, milling, drilling or grinding in one machine tool is known as complete machining.

Clamp once – machine complete: this goes hand in hand with enormous economic and production-related advantages. It is applicable for part types that were previously manufactured in several process steps on various machines.

We have been building complete machining centres for various well-known customers in the aviation, automotive, engineering and plastics machinery industries.

Complete machining is about maximum quality, maximum flexibility, highest degree of utilisation, short lead times and highest level of productivity. Complex machining components are manufactured to the narrowest tolerances and with minimal clamping. In-process measurements guarantee and maintain high levels of precision and stability.

Shortened setup times and a reduction in clamping devices and special tools increase flexibility in terms of machining options. This allows for an efficient manufacturing process and technological optimisation. Several important factors come into play in achieving an increase in the degree of utilisation.

Minimal clamping and few internal transport movements increase the efficiency of the production process significantly. Lead times are minimised due to short wait and handling times. The combination of maximum quality, maximum flexibility, maximum utilisation, and short lead times results in the highest possible level of productivity.

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